2016 Mercedes Benz STRATO-mobile

What We Do?

STRATO SkyCam, LLC is dedicated to safely capturing aerial footage that will highlight your unique vision and produce stunning visuals from a diverse perspective. We offer budget efficient drone packages that enable our clients to obtain aerial footage where it once would have been too significant of a cost to execute said project. Safety is always our first priority. Our drones are operated by professional FAA-Certified Part 107 fully insured pilots and camera operators with years of experience. All of our unmanned aerial systems include GPS flight systems with live video feedback, and fail-safe safety features.

Who We Are?

Boston-based Aerial Cinematography and Aerial Photography specialists. We specialize in Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Construction Management and much more.
STRATO SkyCam, LLC’s founding TEAM has massive amounts of experience in the international business community at the highest Levels. In many ways this new space is parochial to our management team. However, having learned from taking our lumps over the years we understand that there will be unforeseen obstacles in our way which we will then turn to our extensive network and vast high level experience to turn said obstacles into the best product and opportunities.

Why We Do It?

We are committed to building meaningful, long-term relationships, both personally and professionally. We feel if we can achieve that by providing an excellent product with world class service, everything else will fall into place. We are actively involved in our community and industry professional associations. We want to provide careers that people love. For everyone that is a part of STRATO SkyCam, LLC, it’s not a ‘job’, it’s a culture and a passion. Yes, we have bills to pay, but money is simply a by-product of being able to do what we love.

Why Us?

Whether capturing view studies for your new development, showcasing a vast estate for your MLS listing, inspecting a building, or taking high resolution photos for your architectural rendering, we can fit you with the right equipment and professional operators to achieve stunning aerial video and photography that fits your budget.

“Our mission is to create long term and loyal clientele while offering them the highest quality aerial imagery giving them a unique and inspiring perspective of their world” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    STRATO SkyCam, LLC ~ Founder & President ~ Jamie O’Brien


We provide the greatest value to our customers through personalized service, dedication and commitment to quality. We think creatively to offer new ideas and produce unique content for your intended application. We strive to create solutions to challenges with a ‘we got you’ attitude.

We encourage innovation to be a leader in our industry. We challenge ourselves to constantly develop and improve our service lines. We maintain an eye on the prize awareness of new technology and industry trends.

As a team, we combine individual strengths to deliver outstanding results. We are committed to achieving our goals and realizing our vision. We work together effectively and efficiently through streamlined communication. We are supportive, honest, loyal, ready to learn and open minded.

We are committed to professionalism, striving for excellence in all aspects of our operation. We uphold the highest safety standards on every mission. We are always friendly, respectful and conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity to all.