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STRATO SkyCam, LLC video is highly effective for both residential and commercial construction sites providing the WOW factor. Regular aerial monitoring and filming in 4K ultra high definition video can provide valuable data points on progress, construction quality, stages of construction, quality control, storage and security and much more. We can custom tailor a program of regularly well-timed flights to provide updates to corporate offices and investors in a very cost effective way to obtain a complete overview of the construction site and entire project. THIS is the new industry standard.


Make progress reporting simple with our aerial drones. You can keep track of construction phases quickly and easily through our detailed images.

Our specialized service includes:

  • High-quality imagery from state-of-the-art drone technology
  • Comprehensive reporting of works on an ongoing basis
  • Provision of accurate records to fit with your own internal systems/processes
  • Assets for use internally and externally
  • Flexible and cost-effective packages tailored to each site and schedule
  • Strict safety protocols


Aerial photography and video allow potential clients to get a true appreciation of your site as a whole.

Our imagery can be used to showcase size, key features and surroundings, and can be adapted for a range of materials.

We tailor deliverables depending on your requirements – from raw images and footage, to finished promotional videos.

We are all business when utilizing drone technologies for commercial applications. Whether you require drop ins for 3D renders of your planned development, view shots, marketing collateral or high quality aerial imagery for any commercial purpose, we got you. Reduce the cost and risk of asset inspections by utilizing our UAVs to access hazardous, dangerous and hard to reach locations in minutes.

Ideal For:




Commercial and Residential Development


Video Progress Reports

Builder Showcase

Internet and Social Medial Marketing

Construction Materials Monitoring


Our aerial photographs are processed in-house through specialized software to create interactive photo slides and 3D models of your site.


Fast access to high-quality images and data without the need for file downloads

You’ll be able to view surveys and orthophotos in industry-standard geospatial formats within hours of the data-capture flight. The data can be easily accessed through an interactive, on-demand website, or directly in your GIS desktop package for seamless management of your projects in the office, or on the go.

Available output formats include:

  • Geo-referenced orthoimagery and Topographic mapping
  • Digital elevation model (DEM) and contour map generation
  • Volumetric analysis for stockpiles or pits
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